Thursday, October 2, 2008

In Memory of JBJ

Great man don't come by often. And when they come, they often go too quickly.

He was the epitome of resilience and steadfastness. A titan of man whose return to the political fray brought such optimism, and whose passing leaves so much grieving.
Our prayers are with this family.

Share your thoughts, give your tributes and post your messages on this Facebook group set up to honour the man who taught us tenacity, perseverance and compassion.
Join the “In Memory Of JB Jeyaretnam” group.

Lawyer by training, he was a former district judge and graduated from the University College London with Bachelor of Laws. He was widowed when his wife Margaret Cynthia Walker passed away in 1980, and has two sons of which the elder, Kenneth, is a successful hedge fund manager who has worked in London, Tokyo and Hong Kong and recently returned to Singapore and the younger, Phillip, is a Senior Counsel, former President of the Law Society Singapore and author of various novels.

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