Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Responses to Chua Sheng Yang's Forum Letter

My response to the ST letter “Questions on investment products rally” - November 18, 2008
Written by Ng E-Jay

This is my response to a Straits Times forum letter penned by Mr Chua Sheng Yang published in the print edition on 18 Nov.

Entitled “Questions on investment products rally”, Mr Chua claims that “too many people are taking advantage of the situation to get back money from what they knew was a risky investment“. He was referring to the recent rallies organized by Mr Tan Kin Lian at Speaker’s Corner to help investors seek redress over their failed investments in structured products.

Mr Chua sounds like a toy-sized replica of Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew who also assumed that “investors had no case” and that they went in “with their eyes open”. Like the Minister Mentor, isn’t Mr Chua also jumping to conclusions without any substantial facts, and even before the investigations have been completed? Who is he to assert that investors are taking advantage of the situation and that they knew it was a risky product?

Read the rest of E-Jay's letter here

Phone interview with Mr Chua Sheng Yang
By Eugene Yeo, Senior writer

Mr Chua Sheng Yang wrote a letter to Straits Times forum today - ”Questions on investment products rally” in which he appeared to question Mr Tan’s motives for organizing the minibond rallies. He also insinuates that Mr Tan had employed similar sale tactics during his stint as NTUC INCOME Chief which infuriates many netizens.

At 11pm on 18 Nov, the Wayangparty Club made an open appeal here for any reliable information of Mr Chua Sheng Yang. Thanks to an alert reader who emailed us his contacts, I was able to contact him to conduct a 20 minute interview.

Read the interview here

Character Assasination! Target 1: TKL - 18 Nov
By the Blockhead

In my previous post, I was blogging about how some people from you-know-where will start doing character assasination. Today in the Straits Times, it happened.

Mr Chua Sheng Yang has decided to give the 1st target Tan Kin Lian a shot below the belt.

Read the rest of the article here.


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